Breeze is in the air

Today is a big day for Breeze. The new low-cost airline will operate its first flights and start to deploy its wings.

Shortly after receiving its operating certificate from the FAA, the airline opened its website. Previously only limited to a “coming soon” page, the new brand details how it plans to disturb the American domestic air market.

Breeze first destinations

This summer, Breeze will operate 13 Embraer 190 flying routes with an average flight length under two hours. However, it won’t start all on day one. Breeze will begin operating flights between 16 cities across 13 states over two months.

The start is as fellow:

May 27

  • Charleston, SC
  • Hartford, CT
  • Tampa, FL

May 28 Louisville, KY

June 4, Tusla, OK

June 10, Norfolk, VA

June 17, Fayetteville, AR

June 26, Akron/Canton, OH

July 1, Oklahoma City, OK   

July 3, Columbus, OH

July 8

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Richmond, VA

July 15

  • Huntsville, AL
  • San Antonio, TX

July 22, Providence, RI   

A mobile app

David Neelman hinted a month ago: Breeze was to disturb the airline market by technology. It will operate market that has no competition (as does Avelo Airlines), but the main change would be technological. Many of the first employees were in the IT department so we could expect something big.

Breeze is not a charity operation. The goal was to allow the passenger to deal with all the interactions they have with the airline via the mobile app. Their involvement would reduce the need for customer relations staff subsequently. Where do we stand now?

“It’s like having an airline in the palm of your hand.”

It’s not that I’m disappointed, but there is little information about this market-breaking app. The website pushes you to download it but does not show what the added value is. What does it bring more than another airline mobile app? Breeze doesn’t detail this.

And a few aircrafts

Currently, Breeze only operates Embraer 195. The Airbus A220 will enter the fleet in October this year and mark another milestone.

Although costs for the Embraer jets have fallen sharply, the newer Airbus model is cheaper to operate, Neeleman said. Breeze plans to keep both types in its fleet.






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