About Gate A1

Photo de Sheila sur Pexels.com

Meet the bean-counter that happens to be an aviation geek

Have I chosed the right carreer path ? Maybe, maby not. We will nether know what kind of pilots I would be. I would also nether know what would by my IT career if I had decided to take that other path.

Twenty years ago I chosed to embrace accounting and management studies that led me to my current career.

I spent my career to assist and advise mainly instituational clients with their Luxembourg based investments and holding companies.

What’s my interest in this ? Seeing of others are managing their business. Somes make them rise and other drive them to the ground. We learn a lot from these stories and experiance from others.

On occasion I had client active in the aircraft leasing industry or investing in airlines.

This blog is the continatuon of this interest in these various interest points. Aviation is a business and not a hobby. Let see what those who drive their airlines to the skies (but also to the ground) have to teach us.