Where to start ?

Gate A1 is not just another aviation news blog. The main purpose of this blog is to document and analyze the risks and challenges that companies face from commercial, financial, and entrepreneurial perspectives.

The blog is divided into four primary categories

  • Start-up stories
  • News stories
  • Failure stories
  • Success stories

Start-up stories

I will follow each airline I decide to track, and each one will be presented in detail. This first blog post about an airline will focus on critical elements such as its business plan, investors, CEO, and fleets.

What does this new airline bring to the market? Is it a “me too” airline, or could it potentially disrupt the market?

When analyzing a new start-up airline, GateA1 will also consider the challenges and risks associated with the airline’s business plan, including factors such as market saturation, fuel prices, and global economic conditions. By examining these risks, readers can better understand the factors that contribute to an airline’s success or failure.

During the entire start-up phase, blog posts about a start-up airline will be published as start-up stories.

News stories

GateA1 follows the progression of an airline after its first flight with blog posts published in the “News stories” category. These stories track the airline’s ability to add new routes, beat the competition, and impact other airlines’ businesses. Following the airline’s history during its operation allows readers to stay up-to-date on its latest developments.

Failure stories

The airline industry is widely recognized as one of the most challenging businesses. Many companies fail and eventually end up closing their doors.

If a company followed by GateA1 goes bankrupt, a blog post will be written to analyze the airline’s demise. The post will explore why the company failed and whether the bankruptcy could have been prevented.

From the same perspective, GateA1 will examine other airlines’ current and historical bankruptcies and study what we can learn from their failures.

Success stories

Not all airlines end up as failures. Some succeed and pave the way for other airlines to follow.

Success can be defined as earning a sizable market share and being profitable in the long run. However, success is broader than this definition. For example, selling a profitable airline can be seen as a success for an investor. Similarly, finding a niche and maintaining a small, thriving, self-sustained airline can also be a success.

All of these success stories have the potential to be turned into blog posts for GateA1.

Original image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay