Avelo Airlines lands on the east coast

Shortly after its first flight end of April, Avelo Airlines, the new American low-cost airline, announces new destinations from an east coast focus city: New Haven.

New aircraft, destinations, and focus city far away from its first foray, Avelo don’t want to be limited to one part of the country.

The new focus city is New Haven, 100km from Manatahan, and it will be a change for Tweed-New Haven airport.

Currently, only American airlines connect the Connecticut airport to Philadelphia. The AA service is now operated with Embraer 175 aircraft, and the number of passengers stayed below the 40k mark.

The destination map of this airport looks fake and desperate for content. Instead of linking the only destination, it shows all the possible connections via Philadelphia.
The arrival of Avelo will mark a change in New Haven airport’s history.
Avelo new destinations that are not yet known. Avelo AIrlines will disclose them closer to the start of the New Heaven operations.

The only issue with this airport is the runway length. The future outlook plan of the airport recognizes this weakness. Allegiant, once approached, clearly mentioned that the usable runway should be at least 6000 feet long before they even consider the New Heaven market.
However, the airport needed a low-cost or ultra-low-cost carrier to start service to continue its growth.

Luckily for them, Avelo was looking for underserved markets on the east coast. With a catching area of 2.2 million people and no low-cost competition at all, it was an excellent opportunity. However, Avelo Airlines still faces one issue: the runway length.

Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 in low-cost configuration could not operate efficiently from New heaven. However, Airbus A319 or Boeing 737-700 can. This reason forced Avelo to add Boeing 737-700 to its fleet. While a different aircraft from the Boeing 737-800 that the company already operates from Burbank in California, it’s in the same generation of Boeing 737 and shares the same commonality.

Afterward, it will be interesting to see when the Austin-based airline’s east and west coast network will reach each other.





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