Go2Sky close its doors due to the COVID crisis

The Slovakian AMCI and charter airline will end its activities in September in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. 120 employees will lose their jobs.

Being successful and profitable does not guarantee that the future will be bright and friendly. Go2Sky managers and shareholders just found it now.

Daniel Ferjanček, a former pilot, created Go2sky in 2012. The company found its market by subleasing its aircraft to many European airlines. Go2sky, therefore, operated for Corendon, Norwegian, Smartwings or Vueling on an AMCI basis (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance).

The activities started with a fleet of Boeing 737-400 that Go2Sky replaced later with Boeing 737-800.


Go2Sky had a quite history. However, it appeared in the news following a « racing start » incident on takeoff when operating for Norwegian air shuttle. The aircraft stopped on the runway, and the pilot shut down the engines before restarting then and proceed to take off.

These last years, all their client companies faced a growing need for capacity due to the increase in traffic. Also, the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX increased the demand for such services.

In 2020 all four Boing 737-800 of Go2Sky were leased to charter companies. The Polish charter airline Enter Air had contracted one aircraft for the summer season. Correndon, a Turkish charter airline leased the other three jets of Go2Sky

Due to the COVID19 crisis, airlines don’t need supplemental capacities. Go2Sky is not anymore in a position to secure a new contract. Daniel Ferjanček, CEO of the airline, confirmed this information to multiple news sources. It’s clear for the management of the company that the situation is not sustainable. He prefers a proper closing of the company « as an honest man ».

On September 1, Go2Sky will cease to exist.

Image credits: Go2Sky






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